Dear Electorate

The results of the 2020 ACT Legislative Elections are in. I was not elected to represent the people of Yerrabi and concede defeat.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who voted for me, that encouraged me to run and who provided support during the election campaign. This is the democracy we have been given to work with and the electorate has spoken as to who they want to be represented by.

I know how frustrating it may be for you as I am frustrated. My goals were to push for a hospital in Gungahlin, adequately staffed with medical professionals so that we no longer have to go interstate for treatment. I would have pushed for a review of rates so that rates are calculated reasonably and don’t bankrupt house owners. I also wanted to make sure that democratic powers are available to Canberrans via a Citizens Assembly or a mechanism where Canberrans can say “no” to certain types of development. I would have also pushed for a Minister for Business to attract renewable industries to the ACT and to increase the Territory’s revenue without increasing rates. I would have called for a strict hierarchy of spending, anchored in legislation, where public money is spent on important items first. Both major parties pork-barrelled a sports complex and multi-cultural centre for Gungahlin during the election. But honestly, what’s more important to you: the sports centre and multi-cultural centre or a hospital? Then there’s the issue of 1,600 homeless people and shortfall of 3,000 public housing units. The previous government and the new government will undoubtedly look the other way and pretend that these people don’t exist. They’ll throw a few million at charities for them to do something.

I coined the phrase: “if you vote the same, you get the same”. I guess we got the same. I wish all Canberrans well.


Mike Stelzig

© 2020 by Mike Stelzig

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